Nova Hair Systems and Products Cosmetic Industry Trade Inc. faciliates in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. Is the leader of hair industry, creating solutions without operations for hair losses. Nova is the sole distributor of OnRite Co company of USA, as the most traditional and only leader of hair systems in USA. With Folligraft, Gemtress and Ultratress products, all kinds of solutions have been available for men, women and children. In Nova, we have every type of solutions from partly hair loss to full hair losses. We have recommendations for thinning hair also. Nova’s success lies within our employees will to create the best solutions for our customers. We know our responsibility well, we work as perfectionists and use the best Technologies.

Our founder Ertaç Şensoy, has joined hair business in 1991 and created Nova Hair in 1996 in Istanbul. In 1997, OnRite Nova co-operation started. Nova has gone a long way since then, owned lots of important certificates given from many corporate institutions. In a very short time, we have  started to give technological consultation and supplied product support to many companies.

Our Professional team is expert in their own specialities. Our team consists of hair designers, technicians, customer relations representatives, administrative staff and management staff. Innovation and perfectionist approach develop us everyday. New ideas and technology oriented works increase our professional quality and our success. Comfort and pleasure our customers will have in Nova is very important for us.


  • The service given in Nova to our customer is unique.
  • To let the customer get latest technological improvements.
  • To share with him the comfort he is gonna get with his new hair.
  • To let them feel the family atmosphere here inside and let them feel, they get the best service from Nova.

The above written are the reasons why Nova is the the best and became a brand in Turkey actually.